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universal wiper blade SG 350-C - universal wiper blade

universal wiper blade SG 350-C

  • Adaptor :


  • Spoiler :


  • Spring-steel :


  • Rubber-refill :


  • Arm :


  • :

bosch wiper blades price


1. Aerodynamic--Engineered for highly curved windshields, aerodynamic with less wind lift

2. Durability--Maximum performance and durability; never flying away at any speed

3. Performance--Lower profile & out-of-view; All-weather performance

4. Unique--with advanced visibility protection for European, American & Asian vehicles.


Q1: What are the most common problems associated with the bosch wiper blades price that does not clear properly?

A: Nicks in the rubber and bent brackets that hold the bosch wiper blades price insert.

Q2: What is the sign of bent parts?

A: When the bosch wiper blades price become out of time or do not park low enough or hit a windshield molding.

Q3: How to check the bosch wiper blades price?

A: If the bosch wiper blades price now move correctly but they are still not clearing your windshield, then most likely the bosch wiper blades price will need to be replaced. If however the arm is re-tightened (or replaced) but the blades still don’t work there could be a problem with your windshield wiper linkage.

Q4: What is the linkage?

A: The linkage can sometimes become damaged or bent and if you turn on your bosch wiper blades price and they make noise, but don’t move, the problem could lie there, or the motor could be burned out.

Packing and Delivery 

1. Payment terms: T/T, Normally 30% down payment, 70% before shipment.

2. MOQ:  2000 pcs.

3. Sample lead time: 2-5 days.

4. Mass production time: 7-15 days depending on the order quantity.

5. Delivery method: By air, by sea or combined transportation,

   Door to Door Service with Express: FedEX, DHL, UPS, EMS…

6. Delivery details: 2-5 days upon confirmation of full payment.  

Contact Us


Address: 410,No.1 Yulong International Building, Anling Road,Huli Area, Xiamen,China

Visit our windshield wiper blade factory or send your bosch wiper blades price inquiry in the below for best price ,pls click "send" now.

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