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Oem Auto Rear Windshield Wiper Blade On Sale - Rear Wiper Blade

Oem Auto Rear Windshield Wiper Blade On Sale

  • Item-No. :

    SG 954

  • Spring-steel :

    304 Stainless Steel

  • Spoiler :


  • Rubber-refill :


  • Arm :


Oem Auto Rear Windshield Wiper Blade On Sale


1. Anti-harsh climate

2. Adjustable for left-hand driving

3. Aerodynamic design

4.100% rubber with special coating offering longer life

5. No streaking, No noise

6. Easy to install

7. Natural rubber, twin stainless steel plate

8. Lower profile & out-of-view



1. Flexible soft rubber reduces noise.

2. Better resistance to ice and snow build-up.

3. Durable materials create down force to prevent blade lift off.

4. Protects tension springs from snow/ice build-up.

5. Crystal-clear visibility over a longer service lifespan.

6. Windshield-hugging performance, even in the worst winter weather.

7. The wiper blade refills rubber refill is coated with odorless Teflon graphite.

8. Tension memory creates a uniform pressure along the entire blade giving you better wind resistance and less lift off.

9. Hard wiping edge for superior wiping performance and 20% longer performance lifespan.

Suitable Vehicles

oem wiper blades


Q1. Is it sufficient to replace the driver’s side rear wiper blade refills?

A: It is recommended to replace the driver’s side and passenger's side wipers at the same time for improved vision and increased safety.

Q2: Why do the wiper blade refills lift off rear wiper blade at high speeds?

A: Because your blade is not aerodynamically designed , the air pressure around the blade will cause it to lift, right off the windshield, like an airplane wing.

Q3: How to stop rear wiper blade refills from squeaking?

A:1.Clear rear wiper blades thoroughly with Vinegar, Baking Soda or Windex. 2. Ensure that you replace rear wiper blade refills regularly. 3. Ensure that the windshield wiper fluid is at appropriate levels 4. Ensure that rear wiper blade refills are soft. 5. Ensure that you do not over use chemicals like WD-40 as it is a petroleum based chemical.6. Ensure that rear wiper blades are free from Rain-X or wax7. When rear wiper blade age out, replace the complete rear wiper blade assembly.

Q4. What is your terms of delivery?


Packing and Delivery 

1. Payment terms: T/T, Normally 30% down payment, 70% before shipment.

2. MOQ:  2000 pcs.

3. Sample lead time: 2-5 days.

4. Mass production time: 7-15 days depending on the order quantity.

5. Delivery method: By air, by sea or combined transportation,

  Door to Door Service with Express: FedEX, DHL, UPS, EMS…

6. Delivery details: 2-5 days upon confirmation of full payment.  

Contact Us


E-mail:[email protected]

Address: 410No.1 Yulong International Building, Anling Road,Huli Area, Xiamen,China

Send the inquire, we will give you 2% off when star an order 

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