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windshield wiper daily maintenance knowledge

  • Jimmy at
  • August 14, 2018

1. windshield wiper rubber aging

The windshield wiper is an inspection and maintenance component that many owners ignore. Sun and rain, alternating high temperature and low temperature, thin windshield wiper film will become hard, no longer close to the glass, water marks appear when used.

2. Clean up before use

The muddy dust rising on the road or falling under the tree often stuck on the strip. If the strip is not cleaned before use, it will easily wear the strip, and the windshield wiper will slide the sand on the glass and may scratch the glass.

3. Spray water before use

There is dust on the glass. When it needs to be removed with a windshield wiper, use the water spray function (spray water first and then scrape). One to soften the dirt, and the second to make it cleaner.

4. Glass water is recommended
Many car owners use detergent and water as windshield wiper water for convenience. Although the cleaning ability is good, it may accelerate the aging of the rubber strip. Wiper water must choose high-quality automotive professional glass cleaning water, which can effectively clean a variety of stains, and damage to the wiper strip.

5. Remember to clean the rubber when washing the car

When washing the car, lifting the windshield wiper cleaning strip is simple and labor-saving. The stains on the strips accumulate for a long time, causing the strip to be corroded, deformed and aged.