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windshield blades appear in these cases, must be replaced in time, this money can not save!

  • Jimmy at
  • October 24, 2018

windshield blades is very important to the car, if your car does not have a windshield blades, in the rain and snow weather, can not see the road, it is very easy to harm themselves or others. Therefore, it is very important to check the windshield blades regularly, as well as the owner to learn the correct way to use.

What happens to a windshield blades strike:

1.Stripe streak

windshield blades strips are not fully in contact with the glass, improper arm pressure or upper structure damage, or even inappropriate windshield blades can cause such phenomena.

windshield blades-1

2.Fine water phenomenon

When the windshield blades brush over the windshield, there are still small water droplets affixed to the glass surface, this phenomenon is Chela, grease or the quality of the strip itself.

windshield blades-2

3."kada" Sound or harsh noise.

windshield blades when the irregular scraping, mostly due to strip wear, arm and stent damage, the aging deformation of the tape. In the absence of lubrication, the windshield blades will also have a friction sound when scraping clean glass.

How to use the windshield blades correctly? 

1. You must have water to open the windshield blades.

windshield blades is very fragile, if something is stained on the glass, it is easy to damage the windshield blades, and the water can play a clean and lubricating role, to protect the windshield blades and glass, but also to make the glass cleaner.

windshield blades-3

2. Timely cleaning of attachments

If it is found that the adhesive on the tape to clean up in time, with a wet cloth smoothing a rain brush "blade", to keep the "knife" clean. If it is found that there are guano and other dirt on the glass, should be cleaned immediately, although the glass will not be corroded, but the windshield blades will be damaged by the dirt.

windshield blades-4

3. Avoid prolonged exposure

Continuous high temperature, windshield blades on the tape may be deformed or lose flexibility, if the owner intends to park in the outdoors for a few days, it is recommended to stop in the shade, or to buy a car clothing, not only to protect the windshield blades, do not have to worry about the body by dust, leaves, dirt, "siege."

windshield blades-5

4. Use of qualified glass water

Many people use tap water as windshield blades, which is not right, special glass water with clean glass, protect the role of windshield blades, qualified glass water can improve the cleaning effect, to protect the life of the windshield blades.