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Wiper maintenance knowledge

  • October 26, 2017

The rainy season is coming. The windscreen wiper parts, not be thought too much in the sunny days, became the owner’s eye. There will be a big risk on your driving way if the windshield wiper parts don’t work well. Here, we will introduce you maintenance and replacement tips of the wipers.

The maintenance of wipers

  Please remember that, every time you wash your car, in addition to cleaning the windscreen, you had better also

windscreen wiper parts

 use the glass cleaning fluid to clean the windshield wiper parts, so that the lifetime of the wipers will be longer. If the car was cleaned by the car wash, remember to remind the clerk to do it for you. Do not forget to leave some time for the windshield wiper parts when doing the maintenance. Place the windshield wiper parts switch at the various speed position, check whether the wiper is working at different speeds and pay attention to whether the speed and wobble are uneven when wiping. If so, you can clean it by yourself. Clean the wiper blade with a tag in a cleaning fliud and rinse with water. If the situation has not improved, then the wiper or rubber refill should be changed. In addition, you should also pay attention to the wipers whether there is concussion and abnormal sound when it works.

Wiper DIY replacement method 

In fact, it is easy to replace the wiper blade. You will be able to install successfully soon if you understand the basis steps. Here we give you a brief description of the steps to replace the windscreen wiper parts.

The first step, open the engine hatch in order to replace to wiper;

The second step, stand up the rain brush, and then press the side of the square button buckle;

The third step, force the frameless wiper off wiping arm;

The fourth step, press the new wipers in according with the opposite steps above.