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Furious cyclist chases after a taxi and goads the driver to RUN HIM OVER before flinging himself on the bonnet and ripping a auto parts wiper blade off

  • October 25, 2017

A insane pedaller threw himself onto the bonnet of a moving taxi before spurring the driving force to 'run him over' throughout a furious force row. The person sprinted when the cab before hurling himself over the automotive and cacophonous off a window wiper blade throughout the eccentric outburst in town, Lancashire. The drama erupted when the pedaller crashed onto the ground whereas attempting to film traffic as he slowly cycled aboard the taxi.


As his aggressor attacks, the driver, Justin Duffy, 46, will be detected telling his passenger: 'He's Associate in Nursing half-wit, flipping hell fireplace. He is off his nut.'


He topples onto the ground before choosing himself up and hurling abuse at Mr Duffy, throughout Associate in nursing explosive philippic.


window wiper blade

My Duffy will be detected as suring his surprised rider before driving aloof from the person.


But the combine square measure confronted a second time when the pedaller tears through a street and flings his bike to the bottom.


He says: 'He's return off his bike i feel. he is before somewhere, i do not grasp what is going on on - he is having a go at the employee currently.'


The pedaller is then seen controversy with a bin lorry driver before focusing back on the cabbie.


During the clip, he will be detected shouting: 'Come on, wherever you going?


'Where Maineasure you going? you are running me over mate.'


The pedaller (left) hurls himself onto the cab's bonnet before cacophonous off a wiper and shouting at Premier Taxis cab driver Justin Duffy (right), 46


'Come on, what square measure you doing?'


While this unfolds Mr Duffy will be detected comforting his rider saying: 'Don't worry, don't be concerned.


'It's ok, it's ok. The guy's crazy - it's alright don't be concerned, the guy's cracked. square measure you ok?


'The guy's crazy.'


The female rider will be detected expression she's sorry that his automotive has been broken, however the driving force replies: 'Don't worry this, I've still got one smart one window wiper blade.'


Mr Duffy then heads towards town North station however half-track is down by the pedaller once more.window wiper blade

The cab driver will be detected job the pedaller 'crazy' whereas assuring his surprised old-fashioned


He says: 'Now that manner is he going? Currently he is return off that manner.


'The guy's crazy, the police have to be compelled to be referred to as.'


He finally gets away when reversing and driving down a distinct road.


Managing director of Premier Taxis John monger said: 'The footage is unbelievable; it is so stunning, I will solely praise our driver for his cool reactions and keeping the rider calm.'