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how to make wiper blade durable and save money?

  • Jimmy at
  • October 29, 2018

How often does the windshield wiper change the best

    I believe many car owners feel that as long as the wiper is not broken, you do not need to change it! In fact, the car wipers belong to the car supplies a consumable, not a lifetime use, it is generally recommended to change the car all the wipers in one or a year. If the wiper effect is significantly reduced, it is recommended to replace the wiper immediately. Once the rain is not working smoothly, it is extremely easy to cause the accident. At the same time, good wiper use habits also help to reduce the scratches on the front windshield and ensure your good driving sight!

windscreen wipers

Precautions for use in automotive wipers

1. Wiper blade is to clean the windshield of the rain, must not be without water dry scraping. Non-water dry scraping will increase friction resistance, easy to cause rubber scraper and wiper motor damage.

2. Even if there is rain, it should not be scratched if the rainfall is small enough to start the wiper. Be sure to wait until there is enough rain on the glass surface. "Enough" here does not stop the driver's sight.

3. It is not recommended to use wiper blades to remove dust from the windshield surface. Even if you want to do this, be sure to spray glass water at the same time, never without water dry scraping.

4. If there are strong things on the windshield, such as the dried up feces of birds, do not scratch with the rain directly, please clean them with your hands first. These hard things can easily cause wiper blades of local injuries, resulting in rain scraping dirty rain.

windscreen wipers_1

How to use the wiper correctly

1. Ensure that the front glass surface has water

    Wiper blade of the car is made of natural rubber material, in the case of the front windshield is very dry wipe, will be too large friction and scratches the rubber surface, thus affecting the wiping effect, so must ensure that the front of the glass surface with water to use the car wiper.

2. Clean the wiper strips and the adhesion on the glass surface in time

    In the car wiper work before the removal of the glass surface and wiper tape attached impurities, because these impurities will be in the wiper work, increase the friction between the rubber strip and glass, so as to stop the rubber or scratch the glass surface, there is a situation of scratching unclear.

3. Stand Up wiper blades when parking

    When parking the wiper blade stand up, do not let the tape and glass face contact, especially in the long-term use of the car to stand up wiper blade, because parking when the tape and glass surface will be filled with dust, impurities.

windscreen wipers_2

Maintenance method of Automobile wiper

1. Periodic inspection:

    Check the method of the wiper is very simple, spray some cleaning liquid, and then start the wiper, pay attention to its movement is smooth, listen to whether there is a larger "scraping" sound, if there is, it means that the wiper excessive pressure to the glass, when the appropriate adjustment must be made. When the wiper after sweeping one to two, to see if there is moisture left on the windshield, while observing whether there will be left some scratches, if it is obvious to see, it means that the wiper on the wiper tape has been aging, should replace the new strips.

2. Avoid prolonged exposure:

    Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun can make the wiper life longer, there is a little car mainly pay attention to, if found on the glass dust when the only way to open the wiper sweep the sand is very wrong, this will greatly damage the wiper strips and car glass. So before opening, it is advisable to spray a little cleaning liquid, of course, manual cleaning is better. Maintenance wiper also need to pay attention to maintain good car sprinkler system: adding neutral, decontamination, lubricating detergent bad cleaning solution will corrode water spray system, wiper and automotive topcoat, timely filling water, to avoid the water jet motor no-load.

3. Stay away from Grease:

    When there is oil on the glass, water traces will condense into water after the encounter, in addition to not go, easy to appear fine water phenomenon. Similarly, the car windshield or wiper accidentally hit the grease, it will not scrape clean rainwater. If you find that there are grease stains on the glass, it is best to clean the wiper strips and glass with a glass cleaning solution.

    Another point, the wiper is not the longer the better, some people think the longer the length of wiper blade, the larger the area of scraping, the better vision.  In fact, the length of the wiper blade can increase the visibility of the range, but the relative will also increase the burden of wiper motor, wiper rod, if you want to increase the length must ensure that must not hinder the normal work of the wiper. Although the wiper is resting on the windshield, the daily maintenance is easy to be neglected, but the wiper for driving safety has played a big role, you should pay more attention to the car owners, timely replacement, to ensure the safety of the rainy day!