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Three strokes teach you how to deal with the abnormal sound of wipers

  • Jimmy at
  • August 14, 2018

There are many car owners who use the bone wiper to produce abnormal sound. The symptoms are that they are not cleaned, and there is a squeaking sound. You can see the water marks generated by the wiper on the glass surface. Even if you change the boneless, you can't solve the problem. In fact, this has nothing to do with the wiper. It is caused by the fact that the wiper angle and the glass do not match. Let's share with you how to deal with the abnormal sound of the wiper:

As shown in the figure, the abnormal noise is the abnormal sound of the wiper returning, that is, the abnormal noise is blown, and the wiper arm is twisted in the direction of the arrow, and vice versa if it is abnormal.


The following picture is to solve the problem without abnormal noise, but the glass is not cleaned. Put some oil on the red circle. The bite pressure at this position will reduce the pressure of the wiper on the glass, resulting in leakage, or water line. Use the wiper arm to increase the wiper pressure, but it will cause the wiper arm to be too high, which will affect the appearance.


The riders have to say that the wiper is actually the most annoying, especially the friends in the south, it rains all year round. When I drove to the rain, I found that the wiper was not clean, and I was beating myself. There was always a blur of rain and the high speed did not dare to open.

Speaking of the wiper, we talked with the riders about the wiper, the small problems that we often encounter, and solve the big things!

Problem 1: When the wiper moves in a certain direction, it jumps on the glass, causing abnormal noise.

Analysis of the problem: This situation is generally the presence of sand in the grooves on both sides of the wiper skin, so that it can not maintain the correct angle with the glass through normal deformation.

1. When the wiper is dry, move the wiper to the maintenance position, lift the problematic wiper, and twist the wiper skin a few times to the left and right. Generally, the sand in the groove can be squeezed out.

2, the wiper is wet, then use a small screwdriver, along the sides of the wiper skin from the beginning to the end of the groove, or fine sandpaper, pull it to solve!

3. There is a loose strip on the wiper that is looser. Use a needle-nosed pliers to clamp the gap between the joints and the rubber sheet.

Question 2: After the wiper is brushed, an oily water film remains on the glass, and the sound is loud.

Analysis of the problem: There is oil on the front windshield, the wiper can not be close to the glass, causing a loud sound.

Use household glass water, wash the spirits, and wash the cleaning liquid with detergent. Also spray the outer surface of the glass before starting the wiper. At the same time, pour some water on the front file to help clean.

Question 3: After the wiper is brushed, the front window leaves a curved watermark to affect the line of sight.
Analysis of the problem: mainly the dirt on the contact surface of the wiper skin and the glass, so that the wiper skin can not be close to the glass.

1. If the wiper is dry, first spray some glass water or pour some water to make it moist. Move the wiper to the maintenance position, lift the problematic wiper, and wipe the contact surface of the wiper and glass with a clean paper towel. , wipe off the dirt, you can solve it.

2. If there is still a slight watermark, use No. 0 sandpaper, fine sandpaper, dipped in water, and gently grind it from top to bottom several times. Pay attention to the uniform force to solve the problem completely.


First, the wiper is a consumable item, there is a bone wiper piece or a boneless wiper piece, generally 3-12 months to change, more quality and degree of use, timely replacement.

Second, there is a small trick to eliminate the vibration and noise of the wiper blade, and use the pliers to reduce the gap between the joints and the rubber sheet.

Third, remember not to dry, so the fine sand on the glass will accelerate the damage to the wiper blade, shorten the replacement cycle, affect the use of critical moments!

Fourth, the wiper is not only used when it rains, especially in North China, often with smog and fine sand, the frequency used will be higher, and the replacement cycle will be accelerated.