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How much do you know about the importance of car wiper?

  • Jimmy at
  • November 13, 2018

Car wiper is commonly used car body accessories, mainly used in rainy days scraping the wind glass rain, but also used to wash the wind glass. Car wiper is a small and unremarkable part of the car, although it is not usually used frequently, but when used it is not clean but it is very unpleasant thing. If the car wiper appears to scrape clean situation, what kind of problem does it bring to the driving? An old driver said: The car's front windshield view of good or bad is related to safety matters, car wiper in the rainy day can be timely and effective to remove the rain on the glass, to provide the driver with a bright field of vision, is very important.

Under normal circumstances, meet the requirements of the car wiper, after scraping the glass can not leave water traces, because the water trace is reflective, if it is night driving, these traces will reflect the lights of the opposite car, interfere with the driver's view; in another case, the car wiper can clean the water normally, but because usually do not pay attention to cleaning the glass, Glass will also be covered with a layer of oily substances, after the water car wiper scraping, glass whitening to form a foggy, poor view. Finally is the mechanical properties of the car wiper, mainly reflected in two aspects, because the car wiper motor damage, either do not work, or can not change speed, which is also easy to cause trouble. Now a lot of car car wiper has a variable speed function, the owner can choose the speed according to the size of the rain, but once can not change speed, encounter heavy rain and the slow speed of the car wiper can not scrape away the rain in time, will also cause the driver's vision is not clear, resulting in safety risks. Driving is very dangerous when the eyes are blurred, so the use of car wiper is very important in our driving. In fact, many car owners of the correct use of car wiper is not enough, resulting in car wiper can not work very well, especially the rain scraper premature damage, and even the front windshield also caused some damage.

According to some safety surveys, driving on rainy days and due to the problem of car wiper caused by the traffic crash rate, is several times higher than usual. On the one hand, the frequency of car wiper use is quite high, it is expected that the number of scraping brushes each year will be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of, on the other hand, the working environment of car wiper is quite bad, to face high temperature exposure, cold winter, dust, acid rain, corrosion and wind erosion, so the working life of car wiper is also very limited.