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How often do the car windshield wipers change

  • October 26, 2017

If the front wiper blades  goes wrong, it's as if a blind person walks without a trace. And consumables are not life time use. The windshield wipers are part of the car parts, and there are many car owners who have this question, how often do the wipers change?

front wiper blades 1. How often do the car windshield wipers change

First, if the rain brush has been used for 1-2 years, it is recommended that you replace it in time because the wiper rubber strip has been aging for a year or two.

Second, the windshield wipers can be used to clean the rain from the front of the glass, especially when the windshield wipers are blurred after the rain.

Third, gently lift the windshield wiper and observe whether there is crack in the wiper tape. If there is a fracture or fold, you need to replace it.

Fourth, making clear of whether the wiper is noisy in the process of work. If the noise is getting louder, it needs to be replaced.

Fifth, southern rainy area because the use frequency of the wiper, can adjust measures to local conditions to shorten the replacement cycle, with kaka to buy wiper in rainy weather to ensure that the new vision of blow out clear and clean.


2. The precautions of car windshield wipers use.

front wiper blade

First, the front wiper blades  is used to hang the rain water on the front windshield. Do not scrape it,otherwise it will speed up the damage of the rubber strip and shorten the service life.

Second, the light rain, not immediately open wiper, wait until the windscreen started again after a little rain wiper, windscreen rain if it does not affect vision

Third, the front windshield if there is a bird droppings, and already stem node, suggest sprayed glass water manually again, cannot be used directly to the wiper blow dry.

Fourth, if the front windshield appears grey layer of dirt, suggest the front spray glass water to moisten the glass, and then start the wiper cleaning, do not shave directly.