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You certainly do not know, the role of the rear wiper is so big!

  • Jimmy at
  • September 18, 2018

auto wipers1

Why does a hatchback have to have a rear wiper?

1. The "disadvantage" of the hatchback's aerodynamics

When the vehicle is driving, it is actually the process of air impact, so the size of the car, then it will crowd out the corresponding volume of air. High-speed cars, the front of the car will push the air to the upper and lower sides of the body, the air is driven by the high-speed body friction, resulting in larger shear, these shear air in the rear release, forming a spoiler. As part of the air will travel with the vehicle, the tail air will be insufficient to form a negative pressure zone.

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When driving on dirty roads, the dust or dirt on the back wheel of the car will accumulate in the negative pressure area of the rear end of the car because of the different air pressure, so the tail is always the dirtiest after the long drive back. So you need a wiper to scrape the windshield clean and keep your driving safe.

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Sedan because the body streamline than the hatchback better, and more than a trunk, the soil is more piled up in the rear box, the windshield dust less, so do not need to scrape the wiper clean.

2. Structural issues

In addition to the natural aerodynamics of the models, the body structure of the two models is also an influential factor. Hatchback's car rear door and glass is one, relatively easy to install wiper, and the back door opening will not affect the wiper shaft.

auto wipers5

As the sedan more than a trunk, there is no place to install the wiper, if the wiper installed in the trunk, the trunk opened when the rear windshield is not moving, so the wiper is prone to dislocation. Therefore, the structure of the three-car after the rain scraping is not suitable.

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