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Wiper is a consumable, when in the end should change the wiper?

  • Jimmy at
  • October 19, 2018

Wiper can be used as a consumable, whether the normal work of wipers directly affect the safety and driving comfort, the current domestic car manufacturers are not the original wiper blade life to make relevant guarantees, the default standard for the first maintenance 3000~5000km or 3 months

Since the wiper is usually used in the rain, many people overlook the duration of the wiper's use. How long can a pair of wiper blades be used? Some use a year, some can use two years, some only use three months, or even one months will be replaced, the owner often found that the car's wiper used to scrape water is not clean, the use of rain will have abnormal sound, etc., why these phenomena occur? This is in addition to the quality of the car wiper blade, but also related to the owner's use habits!

In the use of the process, the wiper gradually lost its most of the curl elasticity, more and more scraping dirty. Because they will remain in a steady state of curl and not fit well with the glass. This phenomenon is more likely to occur in vehicles parked in open-air parking lots throughout the day. Sunlight will bake hard strips, when the wiper is used, they will scrape stripes or noise, because the strip has been hardened to form, can not conform to the arc of glass. (in particular, some European cars, with a larger windshield curvature), can be annoying and pose a great danger to driving, especially at high speeds.

See if the wiper needs to be replaced, the simplest way is to look at the scraping glass, there is no trace of a road left to affect the line of sight, if the traces are more serious, on behalf of your wiper needs to replace the new.

In fact, whether it is necessary to change the wiper, the main thing is to see the wiper tape need not be replaced.