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Why does the car windshield wipers ring after it has been used for some time?

  • Jimmy at
  • September 14, 2018

First, there are two time periods when there is a different sound:

One: The reason for the abnormal sound after loading

1, car windshield wipers quality is not good, plastic strips inferior.

2, scraping arms, bearings and other problems, need to be corrected.

3, Glass is not clean, there is oil, wax and other dirty things or glass has been coated, need to clean.

4, windshield replacement, non-factory.

car windshield wipers1

Two, Over time, it's going to start ringing.

A few months later the abnormal sound, the reason is basically on the windshield:

1, because the car in the urban low-speed driving, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion, exhaust or mud in the oil stained on the windshield.

car windshield wipers2

2, Car wash shop some car wash wax and other related products may cause the glass to produce a coating layer resulting in noise.

car windshield wipers3

3, car windshield wipers use habits and the environment, often dry scraping or harsh environmental areas, will affect the effect of rain brush wipe.

car windshield wipers4

4, age too long, rocker arm and other parts loose

In fact, to determine whether the windshield is clean is simple:

Water after splashing if the surface of the color is a stain on the film, if there is diffuse or non-stick water is the coating phenomenon (there will be jitter, noise and other problems).

car windshield wipers5