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Why clean the windshield before changing the windscreen wiper blades?

  • Jimmy at
  • September 06, 2018

windscreen wiper blades wipe Clean The premise is that the windshield clean.

1, cleaning the windshield, you can add a service to customers, increase customer satisfaction.

windscreen wiper blades-1

2, cleaning the windshield, can make the windscreen wiper blades achieve a better scraping effect.

windscreen wiper blades-2

3, can check whether the windshield has pits, burrs, if there is not found to damage the windscreen wiper blades strips, thereby shortening the life of the windscreen wiper blades, serious will also scratch the windshield.

windscreen wiper blades-3

4, daily life, the car docked in the living area, edible oil, dry guano, gum and so will adhere to the windshield, in the course of the windshield will stick on the car exhaust oil, not clean, replace windscreen wiper blades after scraping effect will not be obvious.

windscreen wiper blades-4