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The wiper is not clean and the wiper is not good?

  • Jimmy at
  • October 16, 2018

Believe that many car owners will encounter this kind of trouble, sitting in the car using wiper, but how also scraping not clean, so blurred vision, resulting in a variety of large and small car accidents.

Most of the car owners will be unclear to the problem attributed to the wiper body. In fact, many owners do not know the wiper, in fact, most of the wiper is not clean the problem is not the wiper. Today, we will teach you how to solve these problems.

一、Glass appears oil film

If your car glass, there is a layer of oil film, this layer of oil film from the road in the car exhaust emissions, even if you scrape the wiper is not effective, it is necessary to clean the windshield with oil film, the best use of professional glass powder.

二、Check whether the wiper is long-term exposure, rain, resulting in the aging of rubber strips.

Scraping is not clean when, perhaps is the rubber strip aging, rubber strips are useful life, if the aging should be timely replacement of new strips.

三、Wiper ROD Angle Problem

Wiper if intact nothing, but scraping is not clean, it may be the reason for the angle of the wiper, the wiper can be debugged, the spring is too tight to relax the distance between the spring.

Wiper scraping is not clean, the above methods have been tried after still no use, then, you can only change the new wiper. At ordinary times, also pay attention to the maintenance of the wiper, do not wait until the time to find it has gone.

Wiper Tips

1. Be sure to use it in the case of water. No water use will increase friction resistance, resulting in rubber scraper and wiper motor damage!  Usually "dry cleaning" is more expensive, right. 

2. If the windshield has dried bird droppings and other foreign bodies, must not be directly with the rain scraping hard scraping, so easy to cause a local injury to the wiper blade, resulting in rain scraping not clean rainwater.  Remember! 

3. Use of professional glass powder. Now most of the car owners are not using professional glass powder consciousness, think water rinse on the line, but if there is oil on the windshield, oil film light water is sure to wash dirty, must use glass powder.  Glass powder In the windshield is like washing the dishes. 

4. Keep the wiper blades clean. If the wiper is attached to the dust, its operation will both scratch the glass and cause its own damage.