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The windscreen wipers is not clean? Actually, you won’t use it

  • Jimmy at
  • August 16, 2018

The windscreen wipers scrapes dirty glass and may have the following reasons:

Glass is not clean

Usually, the car wash does not clean the glass well, and the surface of the glass is adhered with fine tar particles, etc., which will reduce the surface finish of the glass. The rough glass surface will not only be scratched, but also will hurt the wiper strip.

windscreen wipers strips are rough

The most important thing to note is to remove the fine sand on the windscreen wipers strip in time. Scraping with these fine sands is equivalent to sanding the windscreen wipers strips with a grinding wheel. After a long time, the finish will drop, and the strip of the donkey will definitely not clean the rain.

Common malfunctions

windscreen wipers

Foggy streak

The oily film is distributed on the windshield with the use of the wiper, usually due to dirt or car wax attached to the glass; the windscreen wipers strip is contaminated by car wax and oil.

windscreen wipers2

Fine water phenomenon

When the windscreen wipers is brushed over the windshield, there are still small drops of water stuck on the glass surface. This phenomenon is caused by the quality of the car wax, oil stain or silicide sticking to the windshield, rubber strip or strip.

windscreen wipers3

"kada" or harsh noise

When the windscreen wipers is irregularly scraped, it is mostly caused by the wear of the strip, the damage of the arm and the bracket, and the aging deformation of the strip. In the absence of lubrication, there is also a frictional sound when the windscreen wipers sweeps the glass.

How to properly use and maintain the wiper

windscreen wipers4

There must be water to open the wiper

The "knife edge" of the windscreen wipers is very fragile. If something is stuck on the glass, it will easily damage the windscreen wipers, and the water can clean and lubricate, which can protect the windscreen wipers and the glass, and make the glass cleaner.

windscreen wipers5

Clean up the attachments in time

If it is found that the adhesive strip on the strip should be cleaned in time, use a damp cloth to rub the windscreen wipers "knife edge" and keep the "knife edge" clean. If dirt such as bird droppings is found on the glass, it should be cleaned in time. Although the glass will not be corroded, the windscreen wipers will be damaged by these dirt.

windscreen wipers6

Set up a wiper when not in use for a long time

Raise the windscreen wipers to prevent dust from sticking between the strip and the glass. When used again, it will not mix the dust and other materials with the glass water, and will not damage the glass and the strip.


Do you have a preliminary understanding of the windscreen wipers?

Many car owners feel that as long as the windscreen wipers is not broken, there is no need to replace it! In fact, the windscreen wipers is a kind of consumable in the automotive supplies, not for life, it is recommended to replace all the windscreen wipers on the car in 6 months. If the windscreen wipers effect drops significantly, it is recommended to replace the windscreen wipers immediately. If your windscreen wipers does not work smoothly on a rainy day, it will easily cause an accident. At the same time, good windscreen wipers habits help reduce the scratches on the front windshield and ensure your good driving sight!

【pay attention】

1. Do not replace glass water with tap water;

2. Be sure to use a windscreen wipers with water on the surface of the glass to avoid scratching the strip;

3. Lift the wiper arm when the vehicle is not parked for a long time or when parking in snow and ice.

4. In winter, if there is obvious snow or ice on the windshield, it is recommended to wipe off the snow or ice particles and use the wiper to avoid deformation.