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The more the windshield wipers is used, the more blurred it is?

  • Jimmy at
  • October 25, 2018

windshield wipers, the most basic configuration of the car. Sunny can not be used, but for the rain and snow and other complex weather, this ordinary rubber element will play a role in increasing driving safety and so on. New car bought time is not long, open windshield wipers but found that the effect is not as good as before. The reason for this, or the usual maintenance did not do in place.

windshield wipers

Most of the cars act as daily commuter tools, and owners generally neglect maintenance checks on unremarkable configurations such as windshield wipers. After the temperature is high, the mucus secreted on the tree, during the driving process of dust, insect corpses and so on will be adsorbed on the wind. Because it contains secretions, it is difficult to rinse off through glass water. In the long run, the gloss of glass will be reduced, the windshield wipers and other rubber components also have corrosive effect. For the dirt that is easy to be distinguished by the naked eye, the owner will not ignore, after all, it is related to driving safety, but the adsorption of fine tar particles on the glass surface, the baking of sunlight, the extremely low temperature in winter and so on will cause windshield wipers rubber aging and cracking.

windshield wipers_1

Want the windshield wipers to work properly while maintaining a high life span, we have summed up a few points for you.

1, before driving, to clean up the leaves and debris remaining in the wind, do not directly with the windshield wipers cleaning. When the windshield wipers drives the clutter, it will damage the rubber, and it will scrape the glass.

2, when washing the car to lift the windshield wipers, the following debris together to clean. In particular, splashing stones, a little attention will damage the glass. Try to choose an underground parking garage or a cool place when stopping. The baking of sunlight has a great influence on the rubber components, which will cause deformation and aging.

3, glass water prices are not high, but many drivers are greedy for cheap, their own blending detergent, although the effect is good, but the chemical composition will aggravate the windshield wipers aging. By the way, in the face of pouring rain, the increase in scraping water will cause a large load on the windshield wipers motor.

4. When the car is parked for a long time, the windshield wipers needs to be lifted up. Even if it is not a rainy day, spray water out and make a scraping brush. On the contrary, it is like the rubber cotton mop used at home, no moisture, will make the colloid hardening, and produce dry crack.

5, temperature changes or gravel, dust and so on will make the windshield wipers life shortened, often clean the windshield and windshield wipers on the dirt, especially after the rain, can reduce the unnecessary wear of the windshield wipers, can extend the life of the windshield wipers.

6, when the windshield wipers piece has bad scraping, try the following method to see if you can get it back to youth: first, the windshield wipers piece and windshield glass separation, water soaked windshield wipers slices, with No. 800 water sandpaper will be the windshield wipers back and forth 4-5 times, and then wash clean with clean back to the windshield can be. The principle of this method is mainly the use of water sandpaper to the windshield wipers sheet due to dust, heating temperature changes caused by the small deformation of the grinding.

7, some brands of windshield wipers designed to replace the strip alone, but now most of the windshield wipers rod and tape are integrated design, and also not much money, it is recommended to replace.

In addition to the next rainy day, rainy day driving, whether the rain is large or small, if the failure of the windshield wipers can not be ruled out, can not effectively scrape clean the rain above the windshield, people's view will be extremely reduced, safety is not guaranteed, can not continue to drive. At this time can be used to wipe soap soil method to solve. is to put a layer of soap on top of the windshield, which can last at least thirty or forty minutes of clear sight. At the same time, the soap can also be applied to the back window glass, improve the post-visual poor condition. If there is no soap, pick some cigarette butts on the side of the road and apply them on the windshield, or look for some slightly thicker, more hydrated leaves on the roadside, and then apply them on top of the windshield to still work.

The windshield wipers is really unremarkable, but it is one of the most important configurations of the car. Rain and snow weather to ensure a clean vision, usually also take into account the cleanliness of the wind, a lot of work, but the real love of the owners are not many. Usually before the car cleaning under the wind, long time does not open the windshield wipers lift, can greatly increase the life span, when we need to work due diligence.