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Rain days wiper blade is not clean how to do?

  • Jimmy at
  • October 26, 2018

Autumn and winter rain volume, travel encountered dripping rain affect the window vision we will use the wiper blades to clean up, but sometimes found that their car wiper blades is not clean when the rain, after the wiper blades is still relatively vague, affecting driving safety, which is why, we how to do?

wiper blades

wiper blades brush is not clean the reason is probably the following several:

1. There is an oil film on the front windshield. The oil film is the front windshield due to the long-term sun and rain, different corrosion or other physical factors lead to the glass secretion differentiated fat material, fit on the glass is not easy to be washed clean by rainwater and wiper blades.

2. wiper blades rubber Aging hardening, work loss of function.

wiper blades_1

3. wiper blades angle problem, can not be in good contact with the windshield, difficult to scrape clean

4. wiper blades and glass have fallen leaves and other foreign bodies

The above several conditions in rainy days are easy to appear, and trouble, and know that these reasons are also convenient for us to solve the rainy day wiper blades scraper is not clean this problem.

wiper blades_2

1) Simply clean the front windshield. If you do not want to buy a special detergent cleaning, you can use the home's items into soapy water or vinegar solution to clean the front windshield. Use hot soap and detergent to further clean the front windshield for better results. Simple cleaning often can achieve good results, but also pay attention to the usual maintenance of cleaning, on time to wash the car, wipe glass, conducive to driving safety. Usually wash with water, soap liquid Wash can be more effective to remove the glass oil film.

wiper blades_3

2) Professional cleaning agent and protective agent. If the simple cleaning can play a role, but still deficient, it is necessary to try professional cleaning agent, more against the glass damage and the resulting oil film stains, if not professionals, do not try to use the so-called strong acid to clean, the first is very unsafe, strong acid operation is easy to hurt, and extremely difficult to repair Second, the effect may not be good, rather than professional cleaning agent. In addition, a professional protective agent or protective film is required to protect the glass after cleaning.

wiper blades_4

3) Replace and check the wiper blades. If the aging hardening can be replaced by self-wiper blades, and is not expensive, tens of hundred can meet the daily needs. Too late to replace the wiper blades, you can try to use sandpaper appropriate sanding brush wool rubber, can play a good effect. If it is angle deviation, do not bother, while loosening the wiper blades  fixed nut, while carefully adjust the sliding direction and sliding angle, to determine how many times to adjust the correct direction, or driving when the rain more trouble.

wiper blades_5

4) Avoid extreme environments. Cars in the cold winter heat to avoid direct long-time parking in outdoor open environment. Both the exposure and the low temperature can adversely affect the wiper blades and the glass, which can cause damage to the car. If there is no way, the car can be put on the safety of qualified car sets or paste a professional effective film. In addition, the heavy rain weather is not suitable for the direct running, to bring the burden of wiper blades, accelerated aging.

5) Pay attention to clean before driving. Clean the windshield more, and check the wiper blades clutter after bad weather. For example, in the autumn and winter frost snow weather will pay attention to the litter accumulation and snow residue, will be the wiper blades and glass barrier effect. Encounter guano and other solid debris also do not directly open wiper blades brush, to add water with a clean brush wash off.