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How to keep wiper blade in good condition

  • April 15, 2019
If the owner finds that the wiper is smashing glass and beating during the rainy day, be sure to find a place where the rain can be sheltered. Don't endure the troubles and open the highway and the highway. After parking, the first thing we got off the bus was not the wiper, but the front windshield. Many car owners have this experience. As soon as the rainy season is over, the front windshield is scraped by the wiper, and a misty layer of “dirty film” appears. The spray of more wiper is only temporarily clean and the water is dry. Then there was an annoying "dirty film". This layer of material was actually accumulated on the front windshield before the rainy season. Most of this material was discharged from the air. The oil pollution, as well as dust pollutants in industrially developed areas, adsorbed on the glass to form a "dirty film", which is difficult to find when it is not raining. Once it encounters rainy weather, this layer of "dirty film" will appear. When the wiper strips scrape through these impurities, the front windshield will fluff. For a long time, the wiper strip itself will be damaged, and the wiper glass and beating will gradually appear.
So how to solve the problem of the "dirty film" of the front windshield, in fact, it is not difficult to do it, but the owners must master a "diligence", no matter how long the car owner washes the car, but in order to avoid the front windshield "dirty film" In the formation of "previously, the front windshield should be scrubbed once a week with water. In some areas with more serious air pollution, the owner can properly drop the alkaline cleaner into the water.
If the front windshield is cleaned frequently, and the wiper is still glazed and beating, then we need to check if the wiper strip is aging. In the auto supply store, if you have the heart, you can observe the new wiper strip. The new wiper strip is pinched and elastic. (Of course, some inferior products are not flexible enough.) The new wiper strip is soft, so it is very good. The adhesive dirt, bird droppings and dust on the front windshield are removed. The wiper strip will gradually age with the change of climate in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and lose its original elasticity. When the elasticity is insufficient, the wiper strip becomes the "small killer" of the front windshield. Dust will damage the front windshield during the process of scraping the glass by the wiper strip. The scratched glass will affect the driver's visual judgment during the driving process. Therefore, the regular replacement of the wiper strip is Important items to protect the front windshield and protect the safety of the driving. Generally, the life of the wiper strip of the ordinary brand is within one season, but the actual replacement cycle depends on the use of the wiper strip, if your front windshield The glass is already very clean. If the wiper is turned on and the glass is still beating, then the wiper strip should be replaced immediately. Do not save more than tens of dollars.
In the case that the owner can still solve the problem if the front windshield and the wiper strip are ok, then we need to aim at the wiper spring device. The wiper spring is very strange to most car owners. This device is under the wiper arm. Because the device is not included in the maintenance range of many car brands, few owners will take the initiative to check the wiper spring. This also led to the phenomenon that the owner of the wiper springs lost after the elastic force of the spring. The function of the wiper spring is to generate a downward pressure, and the front wiper strip is tightly pressed against the front windshield. When the spring is degraded and the elastic force is insufficient, it is difficult to press the wiper strip, thereby making the wiper A gap is created between the strip and the glass so that the wiper will glass and bounce during operation.
The life of the wiper spring is generally very long, and it will not decline in 7 to 10 years. However, due to various factors such as the owner's habits and the car environment, the component will lead to early decline. Generally, the director recommends you. The owner checks once a year, lifts the wiper as a whole, checks the spring parts for rust, gently puts back the front windshield, and ensures the head and front in the case of ensuring that the wiper strip is not aged and the front windshield feels. The windshield is parallel, observe the gap between the wiper strip and the glass. If there is obvious clearance space, you need to go to the depot to replace the wiper spring.