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How to change the automatic windshield wipers? There are so many people do not know!

  • Jimmy at
  • October 24, 2018

    automatic windshield wipers are consumable items and are usually replaced every 1-2 years. The simplest way to determine if the automatic windshield wipers should be replaced is to see if it has a better cleaning effect.

    So, how to replace the automatic windshield wipers? Today, take the non-bone automatic windshield wipers as an example, to tell you about the correct way to replace the automatic windshield wipers:

    Remove the original automatic windshield wipers, press and hold the clip below the automatic windshield wipers to move it out.

car windscreen wipers-1

    Remove the automatic windshield wipers of the original car from one side, but be careful to shake the arm back, don't smash the front windshield

car windscreen wipers-2

    The middle of the clip front end up some, insert the middle of the clip, tighten! I heard a click and I was in position! Cover back the automatic windshield wipers button.

car windscreen wipers-3

    Some models of driving and co-pilot seat automatic windshield wipers size is different, generally is the length of the driver's seat, the deputy driver's short, do not install the reverse Oh! At the same time, the installation of Vice-driver seat automatic windshield wipers should be optimistic about the direction.

car windscreen wipers-4

    Warm tips

    1, before using the automatic windshield wipers, please clean all the dust on the rubber sheet.

car windscreen wipers-5

    2, to buy the matching automatic windshield wipers, determine the vehicle equipped with what kind of automatic windshield wipers arm.

    3, if the windshield has oil, wax, dirt and other foreign bodies, first clean after use. Otherwise, the automatic windshield wipers will not work and the service life can be shortened.

car windscreen wipers-6

    4, automatic windshield wipers arm spring elasticity is very large, so no matter what kind of automatic windshield wipers, in the demolition of rain brush strips, the bare automatic windshield wipers arm is gently put back on the windshield, to ensure safety.

car windscreen wipers-7

    In addition, after replacing the automatic windshield wipers, be sure to turn on the automatic windshield wipers inspection, it is best to spray glass water to check whether there is a loose installation or automatic windshield wipers tape is not strict.