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How often do car window wipers change

  • Jimmy at
  • September 11, 2018

How long have you not changed the car window wiper?

According to statistics, rainy day 90% meaning of traffic accidents are caused by the rain brush bad, although the car window wiper is small, but always related to the driver in his driving safety.

car window wiper

Believe that many car owners feel, as long as the car window wiper is not broken need not change it! In fact, the car car window wipers belong to the automotive supplies of a consumable, not a lifetime use.

Remind everyone, once the rain brush the effect of rain, began to have abnormal sound, leakage, need to replace the car window wiper immediately, to remove the security risks. At the same time, good car window wiper use habits also help to reduce the scratches on the front windshield and ensure your good driving sight!