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How important is the wiper! How to maintain it in weekdays?

  • Jimmy at
  • October 10, 2018

A car is assembled by tens of thousands of parts, but some often use, some rarely used, such as wiper, according to statistics, more than 90% rainy days of traffic accidents are caused by the rain brush wipe Bad. therefore, the parts of the vehicle are not redundant, the daily inspection and maintenance of each component is very important.

Wiper as a safety piece, related to the driver and passengers life safety, Imagine high-speed Tuyu rainstorm, wiper Brush Wipe blurred, This is a very dangerous thing. So please be sure to choose the quality of the brand wiper Blade.

So how do we go about maintaining the wipers on weekdays?

Summer is coming, the high temperature is easy to soften the rubber, deformation, long-term will cause great damage to the material, resulting in deformation or loss of Elasticity. So we should try to avoid the car in the Sun Exposure.

Front glass surface water vapor, wiper strips made of natural rubber, in the case of the front windshield is very dry to wipe, excessive friction will bruise the rubber surface, thereby affecting the wiping Effect.

Cleaning small grains of sand in a timely manner can lead to increased wiper wear, so cleaning is necessary to prolong the service life of the Wiper. The correct way is to wash the car or wash the wiper, the wiper lift, the direction of the smooth tape rinse Clean.

Usually the car run through high-speed, windshield will be stained with some sand or small insect body, some owners for convenience, directly with the wiper to wipe, so not only will it leave dirt, but also reduce the service life, make the wiper easier to Damage.

Cause the rubber edge hardening killer, The general household laundry soap or other household cleaning products contain ammonia components, therefore, It is recommended that the owner of the day when cleaning vehicles, as far as possible to choose Car-specific cleaning Agent.