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How does a windshield wiper blades always break?

  • Jimmy at
  • December 06, 2018

Generally speaking, the life of the windshield wiper blades is 2 years, but if your car is often parked in the open air, long-term exposure to the sun, the front windshield of a variety of dirty things, such as bird droppings, gum, etc., directly with the windshield wiper blades to clean up, the windshield wiper blades may be damaged, if in the rainy day, found that the wiper effect is not much There are still a lot of residual rain marks, don't worry about changing, first look at your windshield wiper blades is not a problem.

windshield wiper blades

How to choose windshield wiper blades

Generally the windshield wiper blades is broken, we can do it ourselves, but in the purchase of windshield wiper blades, first determine their car is what interface, most models of windshield wiper blades interface are U-type interface, is also a universal interface, in the determination of the interface, it is necessary to choose the brand, in the choice of brand, as far as possible to choose a large brand of products.

windshield wiper blades2

However, some brands have a dedicated interface, such as BMW's interface is dedicated, other vehicles can not access, confirm and then buy.