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Do you have to buy the wiper blade for the original car? What if you can't buy it?

  • Jimmy at
  • September 02, 2020

Generally speaking, the service life of the wiper blade is half a year to about a year, so whether it's a new car or an old car, it's necessary to replace the wiper blade in time. Otherwise, if the wiper blade is not clean, it will affect the vision and safety, right. When you buy the wiper, you will choose the "special wiper blade" according to the brand and model of your vehicle.

What should I do if I can't find the special wiper?

However, the price of "original special wiper blade" is more expensive, or the special wiper blade cannot be found due to the rarity of vehicle models. Then the car owner must only buy the so-called "original special wiper" according to the model?

In fact, the wiper is universal.

Of course not! In fact, the car wiper is universal. When you buy a wiper, you only need to do two things: see what type of wiper arm, and then measure the length of the original wiper blade.