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Wiper Knowledge Big Lecture Hall! Do you have the correct method of using the wiper?

  • Jimmy at
  • September 27, 2018

1, wiper can play a good role in the key is: Rubber wiper blade can maintain adequate wetting degree.

Only with sufficient wetting, it can have very good toughness in order to maintain the tightness of contact with the window glass. Very simple truth, a Mi Gan in the bowl, if not to soak it soft, scraping can not come down. The use of wipers is also the case. Many bikers often complain that wiper scraping is not clean, this is the truth.

2, wiper, as the name implies, is used for scraping the rain, not used to scrape "mud".

So the correct use of wiper, not only can prolong the service life of the wiper, the key is to effectively maintain a good line of sight, more conducive to driving safety. To understand the two basic points, we generally know the correct use of the wiper method.

3, nurturance every morning before the car, with a damp cloth wipe the front window habit.

One night down, wiper is dry, with the wiper to a night on the front window of the ash scraping clean, such dry grinding, not only difficult to achieve good results, but also easy to damage the wiper. The correct way is: After the wet cloth wipe, then spray water to scrape again. Because good wash glass water is volatile, can quickly get the window surface to dry, so as to avoid the wet glass suction ash mud.

4, have the garage, should form every night back to the garage repossession, clean the front window habit.

In particular, from the rain back, accumulate in the front window of water droplets, the second in the morning dry into a watery stain, and then participating adsorption of dust, the front window is difficult to rely on the wiper alone clean. If the night before, on the wet wiper, the front window to scrape clean. The next morning, it was easy and clean to drive on the road.

5, driving in the way, when the rain point, do not rush to open the wiper.

At this time the water on the front window is insufficient, wiper dry scraping, will only produce counterproductive effect. The mud stains on the front window are hard to scrape. If the rain is very slow and does not affect the line of sight, it is better to wait for more raindrops on the front window to open the wiper. Rain in the beginning of the use of wiper, it is best to spray the glass water after the start of scraping (spray glass water is not only used when parking, driving in the way can be used). To ensure that there is enough water on the front window to warm the wiper.

6, wiper best Use the second gear, continuous back and forth scraping.

Some friends like to use intermittent mode to scrape when light rain, which is not very good. Driving on the road, not only to prevent the rain in the sky, but also better against the splash of mud. In this case, intermittent mode is easy to scrape the front window into the pattern of mud stains, seriously affect the line of sight.

7, the road rain stopped, do not rush to close the wiper.

The truth and the above is the same, such as the front window is splashed with the first of the mud ideas, and then hurriedly open the wiper, then become scraping mud.