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Car wiper use attention !

  • Jimmy at
  • August 21, 2018

As we all know, the importance of the car wiper is not only reflected in the rain and snow weather, it can also clear the line of sight for us, so that the driving field is clear enough to ensure the driver's personal safety. Although the car wiper is small and not eye-catching, it also requires our careful care. Today we will lead you to understand how to properly use and maintain the car wiper.

1. Clean up once a week

car wiper need to be cleaned regularly or cleaned according to usage. In the dusty northern cities, sand is the main culprit in the car wiper wear. Hiding in the middle of the car wiper and the windshield, the invisible wear increases day by day. If you don't pay attention to cleaning, the tough use will cause the car wiper to loosen between the windshield and cause the wear and tear.

2. Say goodbye to ammonia-containing detergents

The so-called ammonia-containing detergent is the general household laundry soap or other household cleaning products, which is the killer of the hardening of the rubber strip. Therefore, it is recommended that the owners choose a special cleaning agent for the car.

Also, remind you of a rather important detail: different detergents should never be mixed. This is highly likely to cause chemicals that corrode the car wiper rubber, inadvertently causing damage to the car wiper.

3. The car wiper can not be used casually

The main function of the car wiper is to clean the rain, and if there are other stains on the glass, you can't use it casually. Try not to use a car wiper when there is no rain. If there is some dust or other solid material on the surface of the glass, first wipe the glass with a soft cloth. Do not use the car wiper as a tool for cleaning the glass to avoid aging, wear and fluffing of the windshield surface. Thereby affecting the use effect and shortening the life of the blade.

Similarly, when the surface of the glass is frozen in winter, or there is snow, it should not be scraped directly with a car wiper. If the blade is frozen and caught in the snow yesterday, immediately turn off the switch, remove the ice and snow, and continue to use it.

4. Avoid sun exposure car wiper

The strong heat in summer is a test of the rubber material of the car wiper. In the long run, it will cause great damage to the material, causing deformation or loss of elasticity. Remember to erect the car wiper after each stop to prevent the car wiper from sticking to the glass. However, it is a pity that you rarely do this "hands-on". In fact, you can easily do the maintenance of the car wiper with a small movement. It is not difficult.

5. Keep the lowest position when the car wiper is not in use

When the car wiper is not used, it should be kept at the lowest position. The lower part of the windshield should be cleaned frequently to prevent foreign matter from deforming after the car wiper blade is pressed for a long time. When the vehicle is to be parked for a long time, the car wiper blade should be supported to make it relax. This can prevent the car wiper blade from sticking to the glass at night and prevent the car wiper strip from deforming. If you park in an open-air vehicle for a long time, remove the scraper and place it in the car, and wrap the head of the hanger with a soft cloth to avoid damage to the glass.

6. It is recommended to replace it once every six months.

Such a problem arises after the car wiper blade of a general vehicle is used for half a year to a year or so. When the car wiper has been wiped out several times, a wide water band appears in any area, or a thin layer of water appears in some areas, or the car wiper appears to be shaken to produce vertical stripes. It means that the car wiper blade has not fit the front windshield well and its bracket has been deformed. It has affected our main vision. In these cases, it is urgent to replace the car wiper and not to delay.