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Manual for windshield wipers

  • October 26, 2017

(1) the key to good auto wiper blade is that rubber strips keep sufficient moisture. Only with sufficient moisture, it can be very resilient to keep it close to the window glass.Very simple truth, a rice is in the bowl, if do not make it soft, do not say wash a bowl, use the hardware to scrape, can not scrape down. Many car friends often complain that the wiper is not clean, just not to understand this truth.
auto wiper blade

(2) a car friend without a garage should make a habit of rubbing the front window with a damp cloth before leaving the car every morning. Night, wiper is dry, want to in the car, the night in the front window of the ash deposition with wiper scraper, dry grinding, it is difficult to achieve good results, not only is easy to damage the wiper. The correct way is: after the wet cloth is finished, let the small six water spray again. Because the authentic glass water is volatile, it can quickly dry out the window, thus avoiding the wet glass from putty.

 (3) car friends with garage should get into the habit of cleaning the front window every night when they return to the garage. Especially coming back from the rain, the water that is accumulated in the front window, the second after the morning dried up to the water stain, and then the dust of the adsorption, the front window is difficult to scrape clean by the rain alone. If the first night, take a wet wiper, clean the front window. The next morning, it was easy and clean to drive on the road.

(4) don't rush the auto wiper blade when you drop the drizzle while driving. The moisture in the front window is not enough, and the wiper can be dry, only to produce the opposite effect. It's hard to scrape the dirt off the front window. If the dot product is slow, do not affect the line of sight, it is better to wait for the rain on the front window to accumulate more points and start the wiper. Start using windshield wipers in small rain. It's best to start with a small six spray wash. (spray glass is not only used for parking, but also can be used in driving.) To ensure that there is enough moisture in the front window to warm up the wiper.

(5) the wiper is best to use the second gear, continuous to and fro. Some car friends like to use intermittent patterns to scrape when light rain is not good. Driving on the road is not only to prevent the rain from the sky, but also to prevent the mud from splashing on the front car. In this case, the intermittent mode can easily scrape the front window into a muddy pattern, seriously affecting the view.

(6) the rain stops on the road, and don't rush to close the wiper. The truth is the same as above, and when the front window is splashed with mud ideas from the front of the car, then the windshield wipers are in a hurry, and then it becomes scraped.