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How to realize the right wiper blades for a 2016 Ram 1500 truck-2

  • October 25, 2017

RaceHill, from Everglade State, says he extremely likes the goodyear wiper blade that old master makes. “I place a group of old master Icon wiper blades on my 2014 Ram 1500 and my 2013 Mazda VI, the old master blades were control surface style and worked superb. Once it's time to switch the wiper blades on my 2016 Ram I’ll once more keep company with the old master goodyear wiper blade.”goodyear wiper blade

Another Ram driver, from Pennsylvania, agrees on the old master Icons. “One of the primary things I do once shopping for any vehicle is placed on old master Icons. They’re not low-cost, however work nice and last longer than most different goofyear wiper blade. Living within the northeast, they're a decent winter blade too.”

Thunder, UN agency posts quite of times, isn’t an addict of the manufactory goodyear wiper blades. He says, “I have detected mixed reviews concerning the old master ones. Trico square measure pretty sensible; however the RainX latitudes square measure the simplest I've used.”

goodyear wiper blade

Crush, from American state, has a stimulating wrestle the old master blades. “A note on the ICON blades: you wish a pair of of the 'A' profile blades, not the 1-A 1-B they suggest. The B is incurved an excessive amount of and does not contact the screen equally. Tested on my 2016 and my dad's 2012 with a similar result. Profile blades on either side work nice and have lasted over a year currently.”

Storm, from Georgia, weighs in with, “I took my manufactory goodyear wiper blades off and placed on RainX. i really like them.”

While Chattanooga conjointly got one or two of different suggestions, like Michelin wiper blades and Anco, the clear winner of the forum poll was the old master Icon, followed by the RainX.

I in person have used the old master Icons on my SUV for the last 2 years, and that’s all I decide to purchase from currently on.