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Are there any quick tips to de-mist a windscreen?

  • October 26, 2017

Annoying car condensation wasting your time in the cold winter mornings? Try this tip

Use the defrost button

auto wiper blades

Just like once you’re ridding your vehicle of auto wiper blades ice, victimization the unthaw perform on your motor will facilitate to clear your windshield.The combination of warmth and air-con works to get rid of all wetness from within your automotive.

The sock trick


You’ll ne'er have to be compelled to sit up for your automotive windows to de-fog within the morning ever once more when looking at this straightforward trick.


Step 1: to induce eliminate condensation, all you wish is a few cat litter and a combine of socks that don’t have holes in.


Step 2: Secure the primary sock by propulsion the opposite over the highest to forestall spillage.


Step 3: Place your creation into your automotive nightlong.  

By exploit the socks in your vehicle the night before, the litter can absorb all excess wetness, preventing condensation from gathering.