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What should we pay attention to when we are going to drive on the road?

  • October 26, 2017

Motorists ought to check the subsequent things before touching the road:

beamwiper blades1. Beam Wiper Blades - If the windscreen wiper blades square measure worn, cracked or rigid with age, they're going to not adequately take away rain, grime and different detritus which will obscure driver vision. If the wiper blade refills square measure sufficiently deteriorated, the metal windshield wiper frame may contact and for good harm the windscreen.

2. Tire Pressure - Check and modify tire pressure, together with the spare. perpetually inflate tires to the vehicle manufacturer's counseled settings-not the most pressure wrought on the aspect of the tire.

3.Tire Tread - Check the tread depth by inserting 1 / 4 the wrong way up into a tire groove with Washington's head facing outward. The tread ought to cowl a part of Washington's head. If any of the world higher than Washington's head is visible, it is time to begin buying new tires.

4.Battery - Have your battery checked, particularly if it's over 3 years previous. Summer heat breaks down the battery internally and accelerates the speed of corrosion on vehicle's battery terminals.

5. Vehicle Emergency Kit - abdominal aortic aneurysm recommends each driver have a well-stocked emergency kit in their vehicle. The kit ought to embrace water, non-perishable food things, jumper cables, a flashlight with extra batteries, road flares or an emergency beacon, basic hand tools, and a first aid kit.

6. Drive distraction-free - Do not text or engage in distracting activities while driving, including interacting with a cell phone, talking with passengers or looking at other objects in the vehicle.