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Wiper use magic: these three hidden features, no more than ten years of driving experience, you can’t think of it

  • So Good Wiper Blade at
  • May 13, 2019

For the car, we all know that there are thousands of different small parts in a finished car, and many parts of each part are made up of their own functions, and we can't ignore them. We usually drive the car, if it encounters snow or rain, it will be able to function as a wiper. It can remove the obstacles of the front windshield of the car, and it can also be more Good to maintain the safety of driving, so the normal situation we know will have this function, but there are three other functions, many people do not know.

1. The wiper determines the wheel position

In fact, when driving, under normal circumstances, the driver and the off-site of the car have certain deviations. What we have seen is especially when some roads are not particularly complicated. The range of observation within the driving will be relatively limited. Therefore, we usually need some small skills to judge the car tires in peacetime. In many cases, we can't feel it. There will be certain deviations and blind spots in the driver's subjective consciousness. If there is a blind spot, you still believe in your usual feelings, then it is very likely that an accident will occur. For the driver who drives normally, it is possible to use the wiper to judge the tire position of the vehicle. Next, there will be a prominent node in the wiper on the left. When he overlaps at a certain place, the tire on the left is at this position.

2. The wiper judges the distance of the car from the roadside 

When we usually need roadside parking, we also need a certain body and roadside sports car to the distance. If the body and the roadside are too close, the door is not easy to open, and if it is too far away, it will also Affects the normal driving of other cars. Therefore, in the case of the body and the roadside relative to the township, it is necessary to have skills, then we can also use the wiper to determine the distance between the body and the roadside, the main drive on the right wiper, water spray When the roadside overlaps with the roadside, then the distance between the body and the car will probably be 60 meters to the space. Under normal circumstances, there will be no particularly big mistakes.

3. The wiper determines the distance between the car and the center line

In fact, we all know that when we go to the national car, its design will put the side of the stock car in the normal driving situation, the vehicle will see a certain deviation from the actual, then we can ensure the safety of driving for better When driving, it is necessary to notice that the Zhongxian Automobile has a good effect with SAIC when it comes to the distance situation. The car top panel and the wiper have a midline overlap between them. At this time, the whole body It will also be about 60 meters in the rain. With this method, it will help us to drive normally.