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The function of sensor wiper blade

  • October 26, 2017

 wiper blades

The core is the rainfall sensor. As the name suggests,  wiper blades role is to perceive the size of the rainfall, so that the system can automatically control the spacing of the changing wiper blades movement according to the rainfall size.

At present, the two main types of sensors are optical sensor and capacities sensor respectively. The optical sensor by using the theory of reflection and refraction of light, pure glass and water at the surface of the glass reflection and refraction of light is different, the sensor that is, how much by issuing - receives the light contrast to judge whether the glass surface with water and the amount of water, to determine the size of the rainfall.


By the way, in addition to the sensor to detect rainfall, the general is also used to perceive light intensity, the automatic headlight also depend on the results of the sensor returns to control, so the sensor is also called light - rainfall sensor rain or shine.