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Do you know why your wiper blade is not clean?

  • Jimmy at
  • July 31, 2018

In the autumn, there are more dry and dusty dust. Vehicles parked outdoors will be covered with dew and dust on the front windshield when the car is used in the morning. At this time, wipe the front glass with a wiper. Use a wiper to wipe the water. Do not dry it.


The main component of the wiper blade is rubber. It is always exposed to the natural environment. When it is exposed to the wind and the sun, it will cause the wiper rubber to deteriorate.

The main reasons for the damage of the wiper blade are as follows:

①.Sediment dust adheres to the surface of the glass to form small lumps, which can damage the wiper strips;

②.High temperature, ultraviolet light, ozone, and acidic substances contained in rainwater will accelerate the aging of wiper strips;

③.Car wax and vehicle exhaust also contain a lot of grease attached to the glass surface to affect the scratching effect;

④.Ice, snow and low temperature make the rubber brittle and easy to damage, and the accumulation of ice and snow on the glass will also increase the load of the wiper blade.


So what do you need to pay attention to when using the wiper daily?
Can extend the life of the wiper blade
①.Add glass cleaning fluid regularly, without tap water replacement. Glass cleaning fluid has better oil removal ability and volatility than tap water;

②.Be sure to use a wiper with water on the glass surface to avoid dry scraping. The wiper strip is made of rubber material, and the dry scraping will damage the strip;

③.Clean the wiper strip and the attachment on the glass surface in time. Because these attachments can damage the strip. When cleaning, please gently scrub with a soft cloth and a glass cleaning solution to avoid excessive damage to the strip;

④.Lift the wiper arm when the vehicle is not parked for a long time or when parking in snow or ice.


The wiper blade is a wearing part. When the scratch is not clean, please clean the foreign matter on the wiper strip with a glass cleaning solution. If the symptoms have not been eliminated, please replace the wiper blade in time to ensure the visibility and safety of the driving.