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Are your windshield wipers ready for rain in the Valley?

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  • June 23, 2020

Windshield wipers are something most drivers don't concentrate to until it starts to rain.

If they survived an extended hot Valley summer, likelihood is that they are not in fine condition .

Fox 26 News sought advice from care specialist Jon Anderson at Les Schwab Tires in Clovis.

"One of the items you always search for when it involves wiper blades is that the flexibility of the blade itself. If you set your finger down there

and it just molds to your finger, most of the time they are doing got to get replaced ."

If you do not want to urge your hands dirty care specialist Rey Paneda at F&B Automotive in Fresno recommends hitting the wiper switch when you're sitting behind the wheel.

"When you're within the vehicle and you attend use them and they are all streaky you'll see lines, you're gonna want to travel and replace them."

Les Schwab features a windshield wiper that allows you to know when it must get replaced .

"Right here you pull the sticker back. When they're bad they modify color. When they're good they're bright black. once they get to a yellow or green color you've to exchange them."

Another way to inform if your wiper is tired, check to ascertain if it sits plush along the windshield. Paneda says a mean set of wiper blades costs $20 but he says higher end wipers can go up to $80 per set.

Some people like better to change them on their own but Paneda says you do not need to go it alone.

"Usually auto parts stores they'll assist you replace them out otherwise you can come here to our shop and we'll install them for you."

Anderson says his store offers two wiper models. "Our good wiper blades start at $14.95. Our better ones start at $24.95 apiece. that's install price."

On average Pained says most wiper blades wear call at a year thanks to the Valley heat.