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Wiper Blade Solution

  • Jimmy at
  • January 17, 2020


Q1. What should we do when wholesale single multifit windshield wipers are making a chattering noise and missing spots.

A: First, with a soft cloth, clean the windshield and Wholesale single multifit windshield wipers using a mixture of baking soda, dish washing liquid and water. Next, make sure the wiper blade is correctly installed using the proper adapter. If the problem continues, adjust the tension by stopping the blades in the upright position.

Q2. Why do the Wholesale single multifit windshield wipers lift off the windshield at high speeds?
A: Because your Wholesale single multifit windshield wipers is not aerodynamically designed , the air pressure around the blade will cause it to lift, right off the windshield, like an airplane wing.

Q3. How many types of connectors are there?
A: Side Pin: small pin on the wiper arm that connects the wiper arm to Wholesale single multifit windshield wipers
    Bayonet: flat and square piece of metal that slides into the wiper blade attachment
    Hook: curved shaped hook that goes around the blade

Q4. How to quickly determine the problem and repair Wholesale single multifit windshield wipers?
A: Remove the arm assembly to see if the arm itself is broken, Check beam Wiper Blades to see whether there is a problem with your Wholesale single multifit windshield wipers linkage. Check the linkage and make sure it has not become disconnected, or replace the linkage if it is connected and continues to not work. Is the Electrical Working? If the electrical system still isn’t working (no noise, no movement) then perhaps you have a problem with a wire or a circuit.