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Wiper Blade Connectors

  • September 12, 2017

If you can’t properly connect your blades to your car’s wiper blade fitting, you’re in trouble. Most modern wiper blades come with everything you need to connect your blade to your car, and many come with several different attachments for fittings that are uncommon or unusual. For older car models, there are three types of connectors for your wiper blades:

Side Pin: small pin on the wiper arm that connects the wiper arm to the blade

Bayonet: flat and square piece of metal that slides into the wiper blade attachment

Hook: curved shaped hook that goes around the blade

These are the connectors for traditional wiper blade devices. Traditional blade devices have a rubber blade at the long end of a somewhat complex, pressure sensitive and flexible metal frame. Newer cars may utilize a new type of blade technology. These are called beam blades. They are composed of an almost entirely plastic and triangular-shaped frame. The frame and blade are thinner, more aerodynamic, and apply more pressure across the windshield. If your car is designed for this type of blade, the following connectors apply:

Pin and Hook: composed of a small pin that fits into the wiper arm, and a hook that holds the pin in place.

Balanced Bayonet: a clamp on the arm that fits into place on the blade.

Pinch Tab: the blade moves into position is released through pressure applied to both sides of the arm.