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who is your patron saint in rainy day

  • October 26, 2017

Rainy days, when the rain falls on the window glass, the front of the car line of sight quickly blocked, vehicles, pedestrians and scenery have become blurred. At this moment, open the wiper blades, the car will be a clear front. This is the use of the wiper. People who bought the car knows that the new car wiper can clean the window clearly. After using for a while time, the front scraper can not clean the windscreen well. Although it is not a big problem, but it is still very upset, and related to security.

windscreen wiper blade

Leading to the failure of the three main causes of failure and five emergency skills

Many owners may often encounter such situation that the windscreen wiper blade can not make a good performance. After analysis of the reasons and processing, not only they did not replace the wiper, but the same as the new car wiper performance.


The reason for the unclean is the invisible dirt on the glass.

windscreen wiper blade

One is that the car parked under the limelight of the central air conditioning cool water tower, the cold water will tear the particles the water spilled on the glass to form a small point white point. It is difficult to completely remove after the white point dried. Secondly, the car parked under the tree, the insects secrete mucus stick to the car glass. Thirdly, long distance high-speed running crushed insect body mucus.

Because of these stick to the windscreen, it is difficult to remove completely by water and wipe cloth. When you using the windscreen wiper blades, it can not clean the windscreen clearly enough. Treatment measures: the glass is wet with water and then gently touch the glass back and forth, if the glass surface is not smooth, that there are foreign body. You can try to wipe with warm water a few times, and then gently rub the dirt by hand. The effect is also good if you use newspaper to remove the dirt bit by bit. Rinse with water and then touch the windscreen, you will find the glass is very smooth. At this point, open the wiper blade to have a try, it can make a perfect performance.