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Do's and don'ts: Top driving tips to avoid vehicle crime (2)

  • October 26, 2017

4 Vehicle maintenance

• Keep your car in good mechanical condition and have it serviced regularly by a reputable garage. Ensure your fuel tank is filled and rather develop a habit to regularly fill up your tank when it is half, rather than to wait for the fuel tank empty-signage to be activated.

• Have a safety check done before embarking on each long trip. 

• Empower yourself and learn how to change a tire, to replace windscreen wiper parts and how to jump start a battery.

• Get into a habit of regularly checking your tire’s condition and pressure. Also make it a priority to replace worn out tires and ensure you always have a spare tire in the boot.

windscreen wiper parts

5 Travelling with children

• Children should always wear a seat belt, even if travelling for a short distance.

• Do not allow children to share a seat belt with anyone.

• Children under the age of three should always be secure in a car seat.

• Ensure the car seat is correct in relation to the right size and age of the child.

• When placing the child in the car seat, check whether the seat belt of the car seat is firmly and properly tied.

• If your vehicle is involved in a crash, always replace the car seat.

• When arriving at your destination and your child is asleep in the car seat, do not under any circumstances   leave your child in the car alone.

• Don’t allow children to sit on the laps of other people when driving in a car.

• Should you have to stop somewhere quick, don’t ever leave children unattended in the car. Make it a rule to take 

your children with you.