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The wiper squeaks and the windshield is not clean. Today, I will teach you a perfect solution.

  • So Good Auto Parts at
  • May 20, 2019

The driver who have been driving for many years know that the most common problem with the wiper is in summer and winter. It is precisely because of the extreme weather in these two seasons that the wiper is more likely to be damaged than usual. Once the wiper has a problem, the wiper It will make a squeaking scream on the windshield glass. If the damage is serious, it will leave a watermark on the glass, which will greatly affect the driver's vision and pose a hidden danger to the safety of driving.

Many people think that the wiper blades are made of rubber, and there is not much difference in quality. After all, due to the limitation of materials, the service life of the wiper blades is very limited, but due to the difference in process and the additives used, The difference in the quality of the wiper on the market is really big, but no matter how expensive the wiper is in use, if the maintenance is not done, the bad will be broken.

If you use a faulty wiper on the road, if you encounter rainy days, the probability of an accident will increase greatly. Therefore, if the wiper is abnormally sounded and the blade is not clean during the rainy season, it must be repaired or replaced, especially It is in the summer and winter, so the sky is extreme.

In the process of use, it is necessary to ensure that the glass water is sufficient. If the wiper is activated in the waterless state, it will cause serious damage to the wiper, and should be paid more attention when using it normally, especially in winter and summer. Season, when parking for a long time, it is best to open the wiper to avoid pressing on the glass under pressure, because the high temperature or low temperature will accelerate the rubber strip of the wiper under pressure. Will be deformed and aging.

If you see someone in the outdoor parking lot and put the wiper up, it must be the old driver to park for a long time, so don't be surprised, this is an important part of the process of wiper maintenance, don't feel trouble, if you Also developed such a good habit, then your wiper must be better than others.