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Does the rear window wiper really just hang things

  • October 26, 2017

In addition to the front window wipers, some cars are also equipped with rear windshield wipers. The front of goodyear wiper blades, we all know, is used to brush the rain. And what about the rear window wipers?

What is the use of the back windshield wiper?

goodyear wiper blades

The role of the rear window wiper is not brush the rain, after all, the opportunity to look back is lower than looking forward. So the real role of the rear window wiper is to brush the mud. The mud rolled up by the rear wheel will splash into the rear windshield. The muddy water will completely cover the visibility of the rearview mirror, so there must be a wiper to clean it up

Why the hatchback has a rear wiper, and the sedan not?

The sedan has a rear truck which can block the mud rolled up by the rear wheel, so the sedan is not equipped with the goodyear wiper blades. In rainy day, when the sight of the back windshield was blocked by rain, we should open the heat to remove the rain. In fact, more than hatchback, some sports car or COUPE car will be equipped with wipers. This is because of its slippery back sharp which allows the rear window stretched the end of the truck. That will give the opportunity to cover the rear windshield goodyear wiper blades with mud, so they also will be equipped with wipers.