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Car Care EVERYONE Can Do

  • October 26, 2017

(Family Features) whereas taking your automobile to associate degree motorcar service skilled could be a good way to confirm its performance, the upkeep Council reminds vehicle house owners there square measure few straightforward vehicle checks that they'll simply learn and do themselves to save lots of a little cash and facilitate keep their vehicles running expeditiously all summer long.


window wiper blades

With basic information of common maintenance practices and a little time, motorists will examine the subsequent elements in their own driveway:


Check the tires, together with tire pressure and tread. Uneven wear indicates a desire for wheel alignment. Tires ought to even be checked for bulges and bald spots.


Check all fluids, together with engine oil, steering mechanism and brake and transmission, moreover as screen washer fluid and antifreeze/coolant.


Check the hoses and belts as they'll become cracked, brittle, frayed, and loose or show signs of excessive wear. These square measure crucial to the correct functioning of the electrical system, air con, steering mechanism and therefore the cooling system.


Check the window wiper blades and lighting in order that you'll be able to see and be seen. Make certain all interior and exterior lighting is functioning properly and examines and replaces worn window wiper blades. Keep the reservoir full of screen washer fluid.


Install new screen wipers each six to eight months. Why thus usually? The rain within the Northwest means that we tend to square measure exploitation them often, which deteriorate the effectiveness of the window wiper blades. To vary your blades, begin by lifting the arms of your wiper blades such as you were attending to wash the screen. Then, most models have a tab on the face of the window wiper blades, go on the tab and it ought to unleash your blade. Click the new blade in, and take care to not scratch your screen or injury the blade. Once you’ve done it once, it's comparatively straightforward to try and do once more.


To keep the cooling system operating effectively, the agent and H2O mixture for a vehicle’s radiator ought to be 50:50. ne'er open a hot cap once checking the agent level within the reservoir. As a rule of thumb, the agent ought to be modified annually on most vehicles.


Check the gas cap to confirm it's not broken, loose or missing to forestall gas from spilling or evaporating.


Replace your filter each year. Check your owner’s manual for location below the hood.


Don’t neglect the outside. Once laundry the surface, certify to incorporate the tires and wheels and therefore the face and fenders to eliminate any road salt or grime. The body of the vehicle ought to be washed employing a product sold-out specifically for cars. Wax your vehicle each six months.