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We Have to speak concerning The Tesla Model 3's Windscreen Wiper Blades A Sec Here (UPDATED: we tend to Were Wrong)

  • October 25, 2017

I know we tend to generally get defendant of giving Tesla quite their share of garbage here (to be truthful, we tend to additionally get defendant of fellating them, so, you know, can’t win) however I detected one thing concerning the new Model three that i actually want deserves mention. it's to try to to with the windscreen wiper blade, however type of encapsulates most of my problems with Tesla generally. UPDATE: I clearly got this wrong. See the total update below for details.


windscreen wiper blade

I detected the problem 1st here during this video explaining the Model 3's interface on it massive, central screen:


You don’t even have to observe the complete factor. I’m not a monster. Here’s the necessary bit:


Yes, it seems the all-new, ultra-high-tech Tesla Model three has two-speed windscreen wiper blade. You know, precisely the same as my 1973 Volkswagen:


Well, to be fair, on my Beetle, it’s additional like Painfully Slow and Somewhat Less Slow, however you get the thought. Two-speed windscreen wiper blade were sadly out of initiate in 1973, once most cars had a minimum of a medium setting, or, even higher, associate intermittent setting.


My question here is why the fuck will the Model three solely have two-speed windscreen wiper blade? this could not sound sort of a massive deal if you reside in la or somewhere wherever you don’t ever drive within the rain, but, trust me, it’s an enormous deal.

windscreen wiper blades

I drive in rain often with a automobile with solely two-speed windscreen wiper blade, and it sucks. You’re perpetually turning the windscreen wiper blade off and on. Intermittent windscreen wiper blade ar an amazing invention, and newest cars—low finish to high-end—have intermittent windscreen wiper blade wherever you'll be able to change the period of your time between wipes. It’s fantastic.

On a automobile with simply slow/fast windscreen wiper blade, as i discussed, you’re continually turning the windscreen wiper blade on or off as you emulate the action of intermittent windscreen wiper blade manually. On my car, this can be annoying however not that massive a deal, as a result of the windscreen wiper blade ar turned on and off via a stalk on the steering column. You don’t have to be compelled to take your eyes off the road or something.