Not Clean Enough Of Shaving

Most of the stress of the steel disc of windscreen wiper are designed according to A degree because of the weight of the grab arm of windscreen wiper are different, The middle part of adhesive tape can’t touch with the car’s glass caused by the only C degree’s weight of The windscreen wipers which made the glass not clean enough. Suggestions: Be careful of the weight of the arm of the Windscreen Wiper when choosing, Using professional products.

There Are Huge Noise When Shaving

The reasons are those: the arm of the windscreen wipers are weight too much, the aging and deformation of the adhesive tape and there are grease and dirt on adhesive tape.


Unsuitable arm stress or unstable of the up construction or even unsuitable installed of the rain wiper can cause that.

Foggy Phenomenon

Usually because of the dirt and car wax, there are oily layers covered on windscreen glass when they are working. Polluted rubbers have the same phenomenon.

Beady Shape

Due to the car wax or silicon compounds sticking to the car’s front glass or rubber sides itself, there are droplets on the glass after the Windscreen Wiper working.

Clatter Sound or Other Noise

This happens when wipers are shaving irregularly owing to the worn rubber, destroyed crane arm and rubber being out of shape.

Vague and Stripe

Many reasons can cause such phenomenon, including unsuitable installed, worn rubber or dirty glasses.

Phenomenon of the Ascension

This is the common phenomenon in aero-mechanics of vehicles nowadays, which happens on long size wipers, after shaving the water ascending with the rising air, other parts couldn’t be shaved.

The situations will be worse if windscreen wipers occured such phenomenon and you didn’t solve these problems immediately, which may even affect your driving safety.

Chapped Rubber

Car starting you can see some broken windscreen wipers flying over the car’s glass owing to the threatening of cold or hot weather or acid and alkali that hardened chapped or desquamated rubber are common, which pieces of windscreen wipers would desquamate on wiper arms directly for rubber has its perfect using time; For poor quality’s rubber, the time of destroying will be soon.

Rubber Broke

Rubbers separate from the metal structure and rub the Windscreen glass when wipers are working.

Rubber Harden

Exposure to the sun and high temperature’s changing made wipers’ rubber harder while losing elasticity.

Upper Structure Destroyed

Wipers arm broken which destroyed by car washing equipment or ice shovel.

Corrosion -Worn Rubber

Frequent using in poor weather or abnormal rubber recipe causes wear out edge or totally worn out.

Rubber Stained

The reasons are most because of the oil or car wax covered on windscreen wipers for a long time,with the gap between wipers and glass, the wipers can’t reach their own function of shaving totally.

Installed Error

The windscreen wipers’ rubber is too short or they didn’t be installed in point correctly which caused rubber claws shave glass directly.

Components Fell off

When wiper arms ’spring becomes elastic or screws fall off, wiper arms couldn’t stand the heavy wind of driving car, at this time we can see the wipers are working normally, but after a while they blew away.