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The wiper is not clean, and there are abnormal noises. I will teach you 8 tips to get it done in minutes!

  • Jimmy at
  • February 17, 2020

Every day, the wiper is indispensable, but many riders find that after using the wiper for a period of time, small problems such as the wiper cannot be cleaned, or the wiper has an abnormal noise. For these problems, How to solve it? Today we are going to share 8 small methods to help everyone quickly solve the troubles of wipers!

About the problem of the wiper not being clean
Dirt on the glass
In summer, there is more rain and wind and dust. If you do not pay attention to the cleaning of the glass during daily car washing and maintenance, there will be some dirt and attachments on the front windshield of the car, which will reduce the glass finish. As long as the glass is cleaned, it can be solved. Remember to scrub the side glass of the car, so that the sight will be better.

Wiper strips are aging or rough
If the wiper strip is aging or rough and has dirt attached, then there will be scratches on the glass. In this case, just wipe the wiper wiper strip rough or the attached dirt with a rag, and then lightly wipe it with a fine sandpaper. At the same time, pay attention to cleaning some stubborn stains on the outside surface of the glass when washing the car.

Wiper does not spray water
If you find that the wiper is not spraying water, you should check whether there is water in the spray bottle, whether the nozzle is blocked, or whether the spray motor can work normally. However, when using a wiper, you should pay attention to it. It is best to open the wiper and brush while cleaning. Avoid dry brushes, otherwise the hair of the wiper will shorten the life.

Wiper angle is wrong
If the wiper is not cleaned because of the angle problem, then use a debugging wrench to clamp the wiper, and then turn it gently to adjust the vertical state of the wiper. If there is still a problem, it is thought that the internal wiper pressure is too great, as long as the distance between the springs is relaxed, it can be solved very well.

Wiper makes strange noises
Foreign body between wiper and glass

If the wiper is turned on, it is found that the wiper blade and the front windshield will emit sharp friction. At this time, you can check and clean the wiper blade or see if there is any foreign matter under the wiper blade. We must ensure that the Cleanliness.

An abnormal noise is caused by the friction of the wiper connecting rod bush
The connecting rod mechanism will also age, and the spring elasticity of the wiper arm will also decrease, and the bushing will wear out or even fall off. At this time, you only need to check the wiper arm or wiper connecting rod bushing.

Wiper motor makes a strange noise
The abnormal sound of the motor is probably because the motor needs to be replaced. This cannot be inspected by yourself. You need to go to a professional maintenance point for detailed inspection.

Wiper life
The wiper blade of the wiper is a rubber product, so it is normal for it to age and harden over a period of time. The wiper has abnormal noises, or the wipe is not clean. In fact, the simplest and rude method is to replace the wiper with a new one. The life of the wiper is mainly determined by the life of the rubber strip. Generally, the life of the wiper rubber is about 6 months to 2 years. The quality is different and the maintenance is different. Of course, the life is also different.