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Windscreen wiper blades – how it works theory and operation

  • October 25, 2017

Windshield wiper blades – how it works theory and operation

Multispeed windshield wiper operation

       The electric motor doesn't have a resistance pack within it. It will have one coil brush offset from the opposite 2 and a cylindrical static magnet rather than a group of field coils. the 2 brushes directly opposite one another area unit the low speed brushes. The low speed brush works in conjunction with one amongst the high speed brushes to produce a second speed.

windscreen wiper blade wiring_副本


Self Parking mechanism:

    The self parking mechanism is copper circle affixed or stuck on the windshield wiper gear. The circle perpetually has twelve volts on that till the wiper involves the park position. There area unit 2 copper spring switch contacts, one provides power to the copper circle, whereas the opposite provides a path to the low speed winding. the facility contact perpetually provides power to the copper circle except once within the park position. The low speed contact is usually in reality with the copper circle. once power is turned off at the wiper management, the twelve volts continues to flow to the low speed motor brush till the mechanical device returns to the park position.


windscreen wiper blades

Interval Governor:

    The interval governor may be a fancy electronic switch that sends the motor a pulse of electricity that varies in period time. It perpetually runs on the slow speed motor brushes. flip the wipers on and quickly flip them off. The self parking mechanism within the motor makes certain that the wiper blades return to the park position and stop there. The interval governor will identical thing: it sends power to the electric motor so turns it off. The period of the heartbeat sent to the motor determines what percentage strokes it makes before stopping at the park position. If you watch rigorously, you'll notice the mechanical device speed is constant and ne'er changes after you area unit mistreatment the interval windshield wiper perform.




      All tests finished the switch in Run or accent position and wipers on.

      1.) explore for constant twelve volts on the red wire on the electric motor. No twelve volts, the fuse is blown, dangerous wiring or dangerous affiliation. this can cause park issues or no windscreen wiper operation

      2.) Check the bottom. No ground and zilch works, dangerous ground and you get intermittent operation.

      3.) No high speed operation, low speed OK. explore for twelve volts on the Dark Brown/orange wire. No twelve volts, dangerous windscreen wiper switch, dangerous connections or dangerous wiring.

      4.) No low speed operation, high speed OK. explore for twelve volts on the white wire. No twelve volts, interval governor faulty or missing, or dangerous wiring. Since this is often a pulse and not a gradual voltage, a check lightweight employed in parallel with the meter is also a higher indication of operation

       5.) Motor low speed test: Jumper the brown/white wire on the interval governor to the white wire. The motor ought to run in low speed mode. I haven’t tested this nevertheless, thus use caution. If the motor doesn't run, the low speed brush is also dangerous.