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The different of metal wiper and boneless wiper

  • Jimmy at
  • February 24, 2020

There are advantages and disadvantages of metal wiper and boneless wiper

Metal Wiper:

(1) Because all parts are universal parts, the general price is cheaper
(2) due to the discontinuous pressure distribution, the wear at the joints of the skeleton is large, and the wear at other positions is small and the wear is uneven;
(3) Bone scraper without anti-floating wing is easy to float (up) when the vehicle is at high speed;
(4) Generally speaking, the bone scraper is suitable for flat glass. If the glass is bent severely (the radius of curvature is small), there may be leakage scraping.

Boneless Wiper Blade:

(1) Because the glass of each model needs to be matched with steel bars, the general price will be more expensive;
(2) Because the pressure distribution is continuously changing, there is generally no uneven wear; (3) Boneless scrapers are more suitable for glass with less curvature change, either the entire flat glass or the whole For curved glass, if the glass is relatively flat and curved at the same time, there may be leakage or excessive pressure;